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The Long Story...

I was born in the Devil’s Isles; a subtropical paradise in the mid-Atlantic, commonly referred to as Britain’s Crown Jewel: Bermuda. A land forged from the ashes of volcanic energy; the pinnacle of the triangle. An island unrivaled by any other, decorated by pink sand and turquoise water. A territory that signifies opulence, while simultaneously concealing its inequity. A not-so secret titan in international business affairs, tempered by the soft charm of a lover’s escape. 


I come from a family that represents the dichotomy between two old worlds. African and European blood flow through my veins. I am motivated by a rhythm that followed the trade winds through the West Indies and yet I live and love with Italian passion. I represent an abundance of culture and history. 


I grew up in an era of diving off of cliffs, popping wheelies on mopeds and escaping my parents gaze after hours in darkened dancehalls reverberating a reggae beat. 


I expanded my horizons by studying abroad. I experienced paved streets littered by autumn leaves in Easthampton, Massachusetts. I braved the coldest winter chill in Canada. I ran with the bulls in Spain. I became a proper ‘gooner’ in London Town. I continually graduated with honors. Then, I returned home. 


I initially found the power of my voice as a trial advocate in the courtroom and the temperament to shape the landscape of a country in the Upper House of Parliament as a Senator. 


I chose a lifelong partnership that encourages me daily to grow and expand my talents. The branches of our tree have extended thrice. 


The tenderness of raising three daughters refined my rough edges and continues to shape me to become less selfish, more patient & understanding. Each has show me a reflection of my greater self through their own unique vibration. Each has both grounded and elevated my purpose.


My path, with all of its hills and valleys, has led me to achieve the highest honor I could ever imagine: fatherhood. I embody it. I represent it. I try to give the most unwavering support to my offspring. Like many fathers, the rock is sometimes not noticed for their quiet actions. But on occasion, a camera may capture what was intended to be a simple, innocent and private gesture between a family; and transform that moment into a symbol much greater than imagined. 


The Story of DADerina became the catalyst for my family to share our own unique stories and immortalize moments in our life that others will no doubt be able to relate and enjoy. 


It is our hope that these stories can inspire uplift and highlight the roll of fathers and their importance in their children’s lives.


I am a lawyer from Bermuda of Italian and African ancestry. In 2018, Entertainment Tonight voted me the ‘Father of the Year’. 

- Marc G. Daniels-
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